What is Run For Life?

Web3-based fitness and health tracking mobile app with integrated NFT gaming and social media elements where you can earn rewards by walking, jogging, or gym.


Smart Contract : 0xd8b80a966b22Af8B857A10FF217B00a0c630d1DC


Gameplay Elements

In the beta of the app, we will be launching the following activities:
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Step Counting
Those operations must be done outdoors for better GPS connectivity.
After a workout, we’ll show you data on Distance steps, speed, workout time, calories burned, and rewards.

NFT Marketplace

This is where users can buy/sell/rent sneakers. Corresponding to each mode on Run For Life, there will be a suitable NFT sneaker type.
Rarity will be divided into ranks as follows:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Staking and Farming

Staking RFL tokens will reduce circulating supply and enable RFL token holders to earn annual yield while the RFL user base is being grown.
The staking will incentivize both existing and new RFL holders.
The more tokens staked, the bigger the rewards.

How can Run For Life benefit us?

When participating in Run For Life, you not only have the opportunity to exercise daily but also receive valuable rewards. Run For Life’s blockchain system will record your workout results, converting them into RFL tokens. With these tokens, you can buy or bet to get more profit. Besides, users can also use it to buy more NFT sneakers. The more you practice, the more tokens you get, which also motivates you to gain health benefits, and valuable rewards.

  • Move to earn
  • Daily mission
  • Join the tournament
  • Top ranking, top-level, top active activity
  • Sell/Rent NFT Sneakers

RFL Usecase

Staking: Run For Life holders can stake to earn rewards
Reward: RFL will be a reward while participating in “move to earn” with Run For Life
Payment: Use to buy/sell/rent NFT sneakers
Governance: Owners of Run For Life project can stake RFL to vote on desired features.


Q2, 2022
Launching Run For Life on BNB Chain > Launching Official Website > Private Sale > Public Sale > Airdrop Event > Listing on PancakeSwap, CMC, CGK
Q4, 2022
Beta Testing App > Official Launch > In-app Marketplace > Staking Pool
Q2, 2023
Audit Rental System
Q4, 2023
AR Tournament > Customization
Q3, 2022
Alpha Testing App > Listing on the crypto exchange > NFT Marketplace
Q1, 2023
Tournament > Marketplace Upgrade
Q3, 2023
Upgrade Training Mode > Booster Community

Token Allocation

  • 2% Private Sale

  • 14% Public Sale

  • 48% Reward

  • 11% Community

  • 10% Development

  • 5% Liquidity

  • 10% Core team